Israeli-Arabs protest Muezzin Law: “We won’t stop the call to prayer”

Today (Friday) and yesterday, hundreds protested against the Muezzin Law in a number of locations throughout Israel, which was halted in the Knesset this week. The mayor of Kfar Kassem stated that his village would not stop their prayers as it is their right.
Protests in Kfar Kassem today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), several protests were conducted against the Muezzin Law in a number of locations throughout Israel. Hundreds marched through the city of Kfar Kassem this afternoon holding up banners against the law, which they claim is part of the incitement against Israel’s Arab population.

“We will not stop with the Muezzin and we will not stop our praying,” said Kfar Kassem Mayor Adel Bdir. “Our right to the Muezzin and prayer does not come from the power of law. It is a basic right, just as the right to live and to a roof. It is an integral part of our right to pray.”

As reported earlier this week by JOL, Israeli Health Minister Yakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) filed an appeal regarding the Muezzin Law requesting that the bill be discussed further by the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation before being brought to the Knesset floor for voting. Litzman explained that the bill could affect the siren that is sounded in order to announce the start of Shabbat.  

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