Raid in Bedouin town: Dozens of suspects arrested; Many weapons seized

Hundreds of police officers raided a Bedouin town in Southern Israel. During the operation, large amounts of weapons, drugs and cash were seized and dozens of suspects were arrested.
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Dozens of suspects were arrested last night (Wednesday) in a special operation that was conducted by Israel Police forces in the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva in Southern Israel. Hundreds of police officers and investigators raided several locations within the city and confiscated large amounts of weapons and drugs. Dozens of people who were illegally residing in Israel were arrested along with others who were wanted for interrogation.

Hundreds of police officers, investigators and soldiers took part in the raid. In addition, police-trained dogs and mounted police officers from the Southern District’s Animal Unit participated in the operation.

Money seized during raid Photo Credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

During the searches, the forces were able to locate many weapons including makeshift firearms, Carl Gustav submachine guns, hunting rifles and stun grenades. In addition, stolen property was discovered including items that were taken from their owners earlier last night. A police officer who was taking part in the raid was surprised to discover his sister’s cell phone, which was stolen earlier in the night, during the raid.

In the past couple of months, police officers have been raiding Bedouin towns in the area in search of weapons, evidence of illegal activity and wanted suspects.

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