Palestinian security forces recover IDF weapon stolen in Jenin attack

After an IDF firearm was stolen in an attempted lynch on two IDF soldiers in Jenin on Monday, the Palestinian authorities recovered the weapon and returned it to Israeli authorities. The IDF said it is still investigating the incident.
The incident in Jenin Photo Credit: Screenshot

Palestinian authorities recovered the gun stolen from an IDF soldier on Monday in an attempted lynch in the West Bank city of Jenin. The firearm was returned to Israeli security forces.

The incident on Monday occurred after a military vehicle with two IDF soldiers accidentally entered the Palestinian city due to a navigational error. The two soldiers, a man and a woman of the IDF’s Computer Service Directorate, were then attacked by dozens of Palestinians.

The IDF said it is still investigating the incident. “We were surrounded. They broke the windows and tried to hurt us,” recalled the female IDF soldier who was wounded in the attack. “All I could do was scream until someone rescued us.”

In footage from Jenin, the IDF vehicle can be seen being chased after by angry Palestinians, some carrying and throwing stones and a chair. Both soldiers were wounded and taken to a medical center for treatment.  

Wounded solider after being attacked by mob in Jenin Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Palestinian police rescued the soldiers from the Palestinian mob and transferred them to the Civil Administration. The IDF stated that a “more serious situation was prevented due to the help of the Palestinian police forces.”

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