Police accept version of security guard who killed Israeli-Arab protester in Kfar Qasim

Police said they believe the guard was in a life-threatening situation during last night's riot in Kfar Qasim, where protesters threw stones and set police cars on fire.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Police on Tuesday questioned a security guard who shot and killed a protester in Kfar Qasim Monday evening.

The guard, an IDF reserve officer, described how a raging crowd was throwing stones and setting police cars on fire. When he saw them moving towards a local police station, he said, he had "no choice" but to shoot.

Police have accepted his version, saying he was in a life-threatening situation and acted according to regulations.

Hundreds of Kfar Qasim residents gathered on Monday evening to protest the arrest of a fellow resident, in what quickly became a violent riot. Police Chief Roni Alsheikh held an assessment meeting with the city's mayor and several Israeli-Arab MKs, but they couldn't calm down the rioters.

Some eyewitnesses, however, claimed the police had been the first to open fire. "They started to shoot at people," one resident said. "The city was under a complete siege, it felt like war."

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