IDF soldier whose wallet was stolen was in for a sweet surprise

An IDF soldiers who wanted to buy some pastries in Nahariya discovered that his wallet had disappeared, but thanks to the generosity of the bakery owner the story had a sweet ending.
The soldier's surprise Photo Credit: Facebook / Channel 2 News

Omer Drori, a 19-year-old IDF soldier from Herzliya, merely wanted to buy some pastries at the train station in Nahariya yesterday (Sunday), but when he reached for his wallet he discovered that it was stolen. Thanks to a generous bakery owner, the story had a sweet ending.

“I got off at the station in order to make some arrangements and on the way I saw a bakery called ‘Tricolad’, which had some pastries that caught my attention,” Drori wrote on Facebook, in a post that was later shared by thousands of Israelis. “I went in, chose some pastries that looked good and was about to pay, when I discovered that my wallet wasn’t on me. I apologized for the situation, asked to leaved my heavy bag at the shop and sprinted back to the station to look for the wallet.”

After half an hour of searches, Drori eventually found the wallet thrown in a garbage can with all his money taken from it – 300 shekels. He then returned to the bakery and told the owner what had happened. “I told them I found the wallet, but without the money I had, and so I was sorry but I had no way of paying the nice couple,” he explained.

“After they insisted that I take the bag anyway (which they kept filling meanwhile) I took it, put it in my bag and thanked them for their generous attitude. They smiled back at me and kept thanking me,” he recounted.

A short while later, Drori took out the pastries and started eating them, when he discovered a 200-shekel bill in the bag. He immediately realized that this was the work of the bakery owner. “I think that these decent acts that are done without any noise, with truly pure intention, should really receive the proper appreciation and recognition,” he wrote.

“I did it with great love and did it quietly,” the bakery owner explained. “Soldiers are like my children. He lost his wallet and all his money was taken, so he received some Hanukkah allowance. Everyone should act this way. We need to care for our soldiers who protect us.”

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