In pictures: Rainy weather strikes Israel

Israel is preparing for another rainy day after some parts received over 22 millimeters of rain yesterday (Wednesday). The heaviest downpour is expected this afternoon in inland areas.

Watch: Israeli tank nearly drowns in southern Israel (Video Credit: Israeli Spokesperson's Unit)

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Today’s forecast includes the following temperatures: 18 degrees C (64.4 F) in Safed, 22 degrees C (71.6 F) in Haifa and Tel Aviv, 19 degrees C (66.2 F) in Jerusalem, 23 degrees C (73.4 F) in Beersheba and 27 degrees C (80.6 F) in Eilat.

The rainfall will gradually decrease this evening and while the rain will return tomorrow afternoon, there are no chances of thunderstorms. Warmer weather is expected on Saturday, with a slight chance of rain in the north. Next week, Israel should expect to see higher temperatures.

Bat Yam, yesterday Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot/Alexandr Kozlov

The intense thunderstorms yesterday claimed the lives of two Bedouins. A 17-year-old Bedouin boy drowned in a river in southern Israel. A few hours later, the body of a young Bedouin woman was pulled out of a body of water near Ma’ale Amos in the West Bank.

Car accident on a rainy Wednesday Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot/Hannah Gurnah
Children walk to school on a kibbutz in northern Israel Photo Credit: Anat Hermony/Flash 90
Driving in northern Israel Photo Credit: Anat Hermony/Flash 90

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