No MK's, government representatives attend Israel Police's Yom Hazikaron ceremony

The Israel Police paid tribute to the 1,467 policemen and women who fell in the line of duty earlier today. Conspicuously absent from the ceremony were government ministers and Knesset members. Police Commissioner Roni Alshich to the bereaved families: "Your fate is intertwined with our fate in a strong and unbreakable bond."
Israel Police honors 1,467 fallen Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/ Channel 2 News

On Monday morning, the Israel Police memorial ceremony was held in memory of police officers, who fell during the line of duty. The ceremony took place in the police section of Mount Herzl. In the past year, 15 police officers joined the list of 1,467 casualties.

In attendance was Police Commissioner Roni Alshich, Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram Halevy and members of the bereaved families. The Deputy Director of the Defense and Commemoration Division of the Ministry of Defense Aryeh Moalem also attended, as did members of the General Staff of the Israel Police, officers, policemen, volunteers and pensioners.

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Senior members of Israel Police salute the fallen Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/ Channel 2 News

No government representative took part in the ceremony nor did any member of the Knesset attend the event. The memorial torch was lit by Lance Corporal Bar Avram, the niece of the late Chief Superintendent Eli Avram. Avram was the founder and first commander of the Border Police's undercover unit. He fell in battle in 1992- a battle for which he was awarded the Medal of Courage by the Police and a citation by the Head of the Central Command.

In his speech, Police Commissioner Roni Alshich said to the bereaved families: "We salute you for the resilience and personal strength you demonstrate in your daily struggle with bereavement. We embrace you and are constantly by your side. Your fate is intertwined with our fate in a strong and unbreakable bond. We promise that murderous terrorist acts and crimes will never succeed in undermining the public's strength and therefore, they will never achieve their goal."

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