Indictment against Tel Aviv Promenade terrorist: Studied Google Maps prior to attack

According to the indictment filed against the 18-year-old Palestinian who stabbed four Israelis in Tel Aviv, the terrorist planned on becoming a martyr and had previously attempted carrying out a terror attack at the Dead Sea. Furthermore, it seems that the terror attack was meticulously planned.

Security camera footage from Tel Aviv terror attack 2 weeks ago

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Two weeks ago, on April 23, an 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist set out on a stabbing attack on the Tel Aviv Promenade slightly injuring four Israelis. Today (Monday), serious charges were pressed against terrorist Ahmad Agber from Nablus for committing an act of terror and four counts of attempted murder. The prosecution claims that Agber decided to kill Jews for the simple fact that they were Jews.

The indictment filed by Attorney Racheli Hazan-Feldman, who is from the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office to the city’s district court, asserts that Agber decided to die or be arrested while murdering Jews in an attempt to become a hero or martyr and “in order to support the Palestinian security prisoners.”

Footage of Tel Aviv promenade terrorist Photo Credit: Security cameras/Channel 2 News

The indictment also reveals that the stabbing attack in Tel Aviv was not Agber’s first attempted terror attack against Jews. In December 2016, the terrorist decided to execute a stabbing attack near the Dead Sea, purchased a knife with a retractable blade and rode to the Dead Sea in a taxi. “There aren’t supposed to be a lot of people at the beach during this period,” the taxi driver told Agber. At that point in time, the defendant decided to turn back fearing that he would be noticed, so he got rid of the knife near Jericho and returned home to Nablus.

According to the prosecution, the terrorist meticulously planned his stabbing attack. In March 2017, Agber decided to go to Tel Aviv in order to harm as many Jews as possible. He contacted a tour company that organizes trips within Israeli territory by granting a single-day entry permit. Agber learned about the area via Google Maps and turned his belt buckle into a sharp weapon so as not to be caught during the security check at the border. He was granted entry into Israel with a group, got off of the bus at HaYarkon Park and began looking for Jewish victims.

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