3 family members advertised prostitution online, operated Jerusalem brothels

An indictment was filed Sunday against three family members who operated brothels out of three rented apartments in Jerusalem and advertised their business online. A fourth person was indicted for helping his neighbor become a prostitute and taking some of the money she received for her services.
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The Jerusalem District Prosecution filed an indictment Sunday against three family members who operated brothels out of a few rented apartments in the city. “In their actions, the defendants operated and managed a place for engaging in prostitution, lived off of the profits of a person who is involved in prostitution, knowingly accepted what was given in exchange for an act of prostitution carried out by a person, brought someone to work in prostitution and advertised the provision of prostitution services,” the indictment read.

According to the indictment, Ellen Levinsky, her boyfriend Sassi Lev and her mother Irina Shopinin operated three brothels between August 2016 and January 2017. The defendants received half of the money that the prostitutes received for their services.

The defendants tried to get other prostitutes to operate from their apartments by advertising their brothels online. In addition, they posted job offers online, trying to recruit more women to become prostitutes.

Another indictment was filed against a fourth defendant, a resident of Beit Jala, who has been accused of convincing his neighbor to become a prostitute after she told him that she is having financial difficulties. The indictment states that the defendant received some of the money that the woman’s clients paid her.

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