Charges filed against Palestinian who claims he murdered Jewish girlfriend to free prisoners

29-year-old Muhammad Harouf was indicted on Sunday for the murder of Michal Halimi, a resident of the Israeli settlement of Adam. According to the indictment, Harouf planned the murder after Halimi, his girlfriend, told him that she was pregnant.

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The Tel Aviv District Prosecution filed an indictment against 29-year-old Nablus resident Muhammad Harouf for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend Michal Halimi. Harouf was also accused of stealing a car and trying to sell it, conspiring to commit a crime, entering Israel illegally and trying to commit debit card fraud. Even though Harouf claims he planned to kidnap Halimi and exchange her for the release of Palestinian security prisoners, the indictment did not mention any nationalistic motives.

According to the indictment, Harouf was in a long-term romantic relationship with Halimi, who told him she was pregnant in May. A few days later, he decided that he was going to murder her and steal her car.

Halimi and Harouf Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

On May 28, Harouf was working in Holon and Halimi came to see him. Harouf met up with the victim near her car and made up an excuse to convince her to come with him to an isolated location near the Yamit 2000 water park in the city. He then choked her for 15 minutes until white foam emerged from her mouth before picking up two concrete blocks and throwing them on her head and body. After confirming her death, Harouf covered Halimi’s body with dirt, stole her car and credit card and fled the scene.

Eventually, Harouf contacted 20-year-old Atheer Loisi, who was also indicted today. The two agreed that Loisi would sell the stolen car for Harouf in the West Bank. Harouf also tried to withdraw cash from Halimi’s bank account twice without any success.

Last Wednesday, it was cleared for publication that Harouf confessed to the crime and even recounted the murder during his police interrogation. At the courthouse last week, he dismissed the claims that he was Halimi’s boyfriend: “We weren’t a couple. I wanted to abduct her and trade her for prisoners.”

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