Indictment against Yavne terrorist: Radicalized in Saudi Arabia

Today, an indictment was filed against the terrorist who stabbed an Israeli supermarket employee in Yavne. The indictment described the 19-year-old’s religious radicalization.

The stabbing attack

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Today (Monday), the State Attorney filed an indictment against 19-year-old terrorist Ismail Abu Aram, who stabbed and critically injured Niv Nehamia last month. According to the indictment, the accused committed the crime as part of the religious radicalization that started when he visited Saudi Arabia during Ramadan.

“The suspect demonstrated extreme composure in his actions,” the indictment read. “And planned the terrorist attack to the last detail.” According to the indictment, Abu Aram decided to murder a Jewish Israeli citizen in order to commit an act of jihad. He attempted to stab his former employer but when he couldn't find him, he decided to find a different Israeli and stabbed him with a 15-centimeter long knife.

Niv Nehamia leaves hospital Photo credit: Kaplan Medical Center/ Channel 2 News

The terrorist took the knife out of his pants and stormed Nehamia while stabbing him in the neck, chest, stomach and head. In response, despite his severe injuries, the victim fought him until his knife broke. Abu Arab then sprayed him with pepper spray and ran away.  

Citizens outside quickly stopped the terrorist and held him until police showed up. Yesterday, almost a month after the attack, Nehamia was released from the hospital.

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