Police investigating allegations against Netanyahu regarding attempts to take bribes

Channel 2 reported that at this point in time, the option of questioning under caution the Israeli Prime Minister, who is suspected of attempting to take bribes, is being weighed. Netanyahu: “These are false claims; A complete lie.”
Netanyahu (archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This evening (Friday), Channel 2 News published that the Israel Police is weighing the option of questioning under caution Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for attempting to receive bribes.

It is important to note that according to the initial suspicions, this was an endeavor that Netanyahu carried out himself without the help of his son or wife. Furthermore, there is no issue with a statute of limitations as the act was recently executed.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the following in response to the allegations: “Since Netanyahu’s victory in the last elections, and even beforehand, sources hostile to the Prime Minister are making strenuous efforts in order to lead to the Prime Minister’s fall through false accusations. These sources within the media and their agents are placing non-stop pressure upon the Israel Police, State Attorney and Attorney General so that they will open a criminal investigation against the Prime Minister. Their false claims are a complete lie and they transpire as baseless.”

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