Iran attempting to create ‘chokehold’ around Israel, says Lieberman

During a speech at an IDF ceremony, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Iran is attempting to create a “chokehold” around Israel by helping to build up Hezbollah and terror groups in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, and warned: “We will not hesitate even for one moment to prevent the Iranians from establishing this chokehold.”
Avigdor Lieberman Photo Credit: Ariel Hermoni Flash90/Channel 2 News

Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman addressed the Iranian threat and Shiite militia presence along Israel’s northern border during a speech at an IDF officer training graduation ceremony on Wednesday. “The challenges we face today are immense,” said Lieberman. “But the biggest challenge of all is the Iranian attempt to build a chokehold around us.”

Lieberman also addressed Hezbollah and said that Iran has been building the terror organization for many years, along with the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip and now Hamas. “The situation in Syria, led by Iran, is part of the same chokehold,” he said. “Their attempt to establish a naval port, military airport and bases in Syria for militias comprised of Shiite mercenaries brought from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq is part of the same malicious effort directed at us.”

The Defense Minister also spoke of the international diplomatic efforts to maintain the stability in the region but said all this is done without neglecting IDF military preparations. He ended his speech with an explicit warning: “We will not hesitate even for one moment to prevent the Iranians from establishing this chokehold, not even if we have to do it on our own if the other efforts prove fruitless.”

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