Watch: Israelis celebrate Shavuot with outdoor activities

Thanks to the pleasant weather throughout the country, thousands of Israelis are enjoying their Shavuot by celebrating with family at national parks and nature reserves.
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The enjoyable weather today (Wednesday) has encouraged thousands of Israelis to visit the country’s various national parks and nature reserves in honor of Shavuot. Many decided to visit the parks and reserves that feature bodies of water, such as Hof Palmahim National Park, Hof Dor HaBonim, Achziv National Park, Hurshat Tal National Park and the Sea of Galilee.

According to the Kinneret Authority, 20,000 Israelis are enjoying the 15 beaches surrounding the Sea of Galilee. Gan HaShlosha National Park and Hof Palmahim National Park are turning away new visitors as they have reached maximum capacity.

Photo Credit: Gilboa Regional Council/Channel 2 News

Today’s forecasted temperatures: 28 degrees C (82.4 degrees F) in Nahariya, 27 degrees C (80.6 degrees F) in Haifa and Ariel, 28 degrees C (82.4 degrees F) in Tel Aviv, 27 degrees C (80.6 degrees F) in Jerusalem, 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) at the Dead Sea, 34 degrees C (93.2 degrees F) in Beersheba and 38 degrees C (100.4 degrees F) in Eilat.

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