Israel: Suspect cut off wife’s head, set fire to apartment, was arrested

The body of a woman in her thirties was discovered in an apartment with severe signs of violence on it. Her ex-husband was arrested next to the scene with blood stains on his clothes.
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Today (Wednesday), large police forces were summoned to an apartment in Tiberias, Israel after received reports of a suspect walking around with blood stains on his clothes. When police and rescue forces arrived, they noticed that the apartment was on fire. After entering the apartment, they found find the decapitated body of a woman in her thirties.

The initial investigation suggests that the suspect, the woman’s ex-husband, cut off the woman’s head and set fire to the apartment. Police forces at the scene arrested him next to the scene.

Photo credit: MDA Operational Documentation/ Channel 2 News

Approximately two months ago, a shocking murder took place next to the Sea of Galilee. Recently, a prosecutor's statement was filed against Nadav Sela after he was arrested on suspicion of stabbing and murdering his wife (23), her two children (aged 1 and 2) and the 8-year-old neighbor’s child. Another 10-year-old boy, the brother of the neighbor's child, confronted the murderer and fled the scene with stab wounds on his neck.

Photo credit: Northern Network/ Channel 2 News

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