Israeli actress who fell from the fourth floor named: Lucy Dubinchik

Lucy Dubinchik is currently at Ichilov hospital in serious condition after being rushed to the ER Tuesday night after she fell from the fourth floor of a building.
Lucy Dubinchik Photo Credit: Flash90/Moshe Shai

The Israeli actress who fell Tuesday night from the fourth floor of an apartment building is Lucy Dubinchik. She is now in the hospital after an operation and in stable but serious condition.

Lucy Dubinchik, 34, is well known for her work in Israeli television and film.

A colleague of the actress told Channel 2 News that she is shocked by what happened. “It is always fun and interesting to work with her, she’s a unique and special woman,” she said. “I had the feeling that there is something lost about her, but it was not problematic and added to her (personality) as an actress. I hope she will get over this and be healthy.”

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