Airport security confiscates Israeli-Arab flier's handbag and phone

Amin Abdul Khalim says he had his personal belongings taken away for no apparent reason after going through a two-hour security check before a business trip.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An Israeli-Arab citizen had his personal belongings confiscated at the Ben Gurion Airport earlier this week while going through security.

Amin Abdul Khalim, who was flying to Amsterdam on a business trip, says he was stopped and frisked for over two hours and was eventually asked to leave his handbag and cellphone behind.

Khalim was then told that his belongings would be sent to his address in Amsterdam, but that did not happen.

"My phone had all of the pin codes for my credit cards, and my bag had all my paperwork," Khalim told Channel 2 News. "My whole trip was ruined, and it was only because I was Arab."

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