Israeli man causes fire in Kibbutz after trying to fly flammable kite into Gaza

Police arrested a right-wing activist who tried to fly a kite loaded with flammable materials into Gaza, but ended up causing a fire in a southern-Israeli Kibbutz.
Kibbutz Nahal Oz viewed from the Gaza fence Photo credit: Dr. Avishai Teicher, Pikiwiki Israel

Authorities on Friday arrested an Israeli man who tried to fly a flammable kite into Gaza, but ended up causing a fire in southern Israel.

The blaze damaged a wheat field on Kibbutz Nahal Oz before being put out by firefighters. The suspect, a right-wing activist, was arrested near the Israel-Gaza border.

Yesh Atid MK Haim Jelin, previously the head of the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel, condemned the act on his Twitter page. "An Israeli Jew arrived on the border with a flaming kite and wanted to fly it into Gaza. He ended up burning the fields of Nahal Oz and risking the IDF," Jelin wrote. "I strongly condemn such extreme actions on both sides. We have an army to protect us."

On Tuesday, fires broke out in several locations in southern Israel as a result of flammable kites flown from the Gaza Strip.

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