Israeli detained at Egyptian border, bullets found in his bag

Today, a 24-year-old Israeli citizen was arrested at the Egyptian border after several bullets, most likely left from his military service, were detected in his bag. According to his brother, the Israeli Foreign Ministry isn’t helping.
Yatah Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), 24-year-old Israeli Nir Yatah was arrested at the Egyptian border after a number of bullets, most likely left from his military service, were detected in his bag. Yatah was on his way to a holiday in the Sinai Peninsula. In a conversation with Online 2 News, his brother Almog stated that he is on his way to the border to free him.

“I’m trying to do everything possible so that my brother will not be in jail,” Almog said. “It’s not an Israeli prison, they’re not willing to give him a phone call and all because of some nonsense. He's a discharged soldier and a good person. He was a soldier in combat engineering and he finished with honors.”

“From what I understood, Nir arrived at the border in the morning,” his brother continued. “They found several M-16 bullets from his basic training. He hasn’t touched that bag in years and suddenly decided to take it, I don’t know why. From there, they detained him for approximately 4 hours, before an Egyptian soldier or police officer arrived and took him into Egypt.”

Almog explained that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to help: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is transferring me and not letting me speak with the consul…It’s my brother, I will do everything to free him, only the ministry needs to help me. We haven’t spoken to him. I only want to contact him and let him know that we are here.”

The Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that the matter is being examined with the local authorities and the consul is taking care of it.

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