Israeli embassy security guard’s family leaves home to escape media hype

After the personal information of Ziv Moyal, the security guard who shot two Jordanian citizens dead, was uncovered, his family decided to move to a temporary residency due to the media hype. Neighbors stated that the family understood that they need to maintain their privacy once Moyal’s name had been released.
The security guard met with Netanyahu upon his return Photo Credit: Haim Tzah/GPO

A few hours after the identity of the security guard, who shot two Jordanian citizens dead in his apartment near the Israeli embassy in Amman, was uncovered, his family left their home today (Monday) from a moshav near Kiryat Malachi to escape the media hype.

According to neighbors, Ziv Moyal’s family requested to send a message to the public that they “wish to maintain a low profile and avoid media coverage.” The neighbors added that the Moyal family said that they would be leaving for a certain period of time, until coverage of the incident dies down. 

“This is a quiet and nice family that once it happened, they understood that they need to maintain their privacy and stay away from the hustle,” the neighbors said. “It’s sad that while Jordan is praising murderers, the family here needs to be scared and lower their profile.”

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