Israeli Foreign Ministry workers declare: “We will disrupt Trump’s visit”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry workers announced that they would disrupt US President Donald Trump’s visit, who is expected to come in about two weeks. The threat comes in the background of the workers struggle to improve their employment conditions.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Foreign Ministry Workers Committee announced today a series of measures that it plans to implement starting Thursday. Among the measures are delays in taking care of US President Donald Trump’s visit, who is expected to arrive in about two weeks.

According to the Workers Committee, two months ago, negotiations ended regarding the wages agreement yet nothing has happened since then. For this reason, it was decided to intensify the measures protesting this reality by harming the prominent tasks that the Israeli Foreign Ministry faces. In addition to not dealing with Trump’s expected visit, the Workers Committee announced that they won’t write position papers, won’t have preparatory meetings, won’t issue visas and won’t do any other activity related to the visit.

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