Israeli journalist makes racist statement: “Torch lighting ceremony established the State of Morocco”

An Israeli journalist criticized the presentation that initiated the Torch Lighting Ceremony on Israeli Independence due to its inclusion of the Mizrahi cultural heritage. As a result, he has been accused of being racist.
Photo Credit: Spokesman for Live Broadcast/Channel 2

Israeli journalist Menashe Raz published a post on Facebook yesterday, criticizing Israel’s Torch Lighting Ceremony the day before yesterday: “In the Torch Lighting Ceremony on Mount Herzl, a number of Jews of Mizrahi heritage rose up with the power of political activism in which our spiritual, religious and political image was shaped. By virtue of our natural and historic right and by virtue of the political power that we accumulated, we announce the establishment of the new State of Morocco in the Land of Israel. High five!”

His comments were criticized across Israeli society. One talk-backer stated: “It was a miserable and ugly post.” Others accused him of being racist. Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev replied to his post: “Menashe, there is one thing that you are not teaching your students in the media: proper disclosure. You do not tell them that you are a member of the Kadima Party. You promised to take the Likud out of power. Frustration and bitterness expose your racist face. You are full of scorn and contempt for culture and a large community.”

“Menashe, I am actually happy and proud that the torch lighting ceremonies in the last few years are at the center of creating cultural wealth in the State of Israel,” Regev added. “This is proven by the fact that millions of citizens were excited by watching a ceremony that represented them and what they love so much in Israel. Menashe, you were and remain a little man.”

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