Israeli Minister Galant: ‘Must be prepared for confrontation with Hamas by spring’

Following the IDF’s attacks in Gaza last night, Israeli Minister of Construction and Major General (Res’) Yoav Galant warned against another confrontation with Hamas in the upcoming months.
Galant Photo credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash90/ Channel 2 News

Following the IDF’s response in Gaza yesterday (Monday), Israeli Minister of Construction Yoav Galant stated today that Israel must be prepared for another confrontation with Hamas in the coming months. “I don’t think that Hamas is interested in a confrontation in the near future,” he said in an interview to Galei-Tzahal, the IDF radio. “I believe we should be prepared by spring.”

Galant, formerly in charge of the Southern Command, supported the IDF’s response in Gaza yesterday against Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure, which included air strikes and artillery attacks. “Shooting at Israeli civilians is a violation of Israel’s sovereignty,” he said. “We will harm anyone who tried to harm us.”

Attack in Gaza, last night Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday, the IAF launched four airstrikes, striking two Hamas bases, an observation post and a building used by the terrorist organization in northern Gaza. The current escalation is a result of a rocket fired yesterday morning from Gaza, which landed in an open field near Ashkelon.

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