Israeli Police Chief on Temple Mount: ‘Fulfilling instructions of government’

After the removal of the security measures at the Temple Mount, Chief of the Israel Police Roni Alsheikh stated that the police are fulfilling the instruction of the government.
Alsheikh Photo credit: Hadas Parush/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Several hours after the Palestinian leaders called Muslims worshipers to return to the Temple Mount, Chief of the Israel Police Roni Alsheikh arrived at the site today (Thursday), and discussed the security tensions: “The responsibility for the security of the Temple Mount was and remains the responsibility of the Israel Police.”

Alsheikh referred to the removal of the security measures, including the metal detectors and security cameras. “We state our opinion,” he said. “But at the end of the day we are fulfilling the instruction of the political echelon. We have been given many means of realizing our security and I won’t elaborate.”

Celebrations at Temple Mount Photo credit: Channel 2 News

In addition, Alsheikh said that there were no “dramas” during the removal of the cameras at night: “Last night, the municipality completed the dismantling of the infrastructure of the cameras and the metal detector because they are worthless at the moment.”

This morning, the Jerusalem Mufti announced to all worshippers that they are allowed to return to pray on the Temple Mount. “A technical report indicates that all the obstacles that the occupation has placed outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque have been removed,” stated the head of the Islamic Waqf Council. “We congratulate the struggle over the past two weeks outside Al-Aqsa and we want this spirit to continue inside the mosque.”

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