Yachimovich calls Yair's strip club conversation 'perverse, repulsive and rude behavior'

The Israeli political establishment is outraged after tapes were released to the public containing conversations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair and Israeli businessman Kobi Maimon's son drunkenly discussing escorts, strippers and the gas deal. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak called Yair a "daffodil that grew in a foul swamp of corruption."
Yair Netanyahu Photo Credit: Mark Israeli Sellem/POOL/Flash90

The Israeli political system is outraged following the controversial tapes released on Monday in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair is heard drunkenly speaking with Israeli businessman Kobi Maimon’s son regarding the gas deal, escorts and strippers. “My dad arranged $20 billion for your dad,” Yair said.

Israeli State Control Committee Chairwoman MK Shelly Yachimovich responded to the scandalous tapes that the Israel News Company broadcasted. “We have been exposed to perverse, repulsive and rude behavior objectifying women accompanied by a vehicle and security at the state’s expense,” Yachimovich said. “This is moral bankruptcy that requires denunciation.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak called Yair a “daffodil that grew in a foul swamp of corruption.” Barak added: “The corruption cries out from all of the screens. Legally – it will continue. Morally – this is the end.”

The Netanyahu family issued an official statement, saying: “Any parent who watched the report would think about how they would respond if every one of their child’s idle remarks turned into a major headline on Channel 2. Any leave from our home is subject to investigation and every conversation is a target for a hidden recording. Persecution, bloodshed and shaming – all of the means are right in your eyes to harm the Likud government headed by Netanyahu, even at the price of unbridled harm to his family. You are not even deterred from using a clandestine recording that was biasedly edited and done in an embarrassing and illegal manner by a Prime Minister’s Office driver.”

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