Israeli settlement leaders warn Netanyahu against permit delays

Although the Israeli Supreme Planning Council is expected to convene next week, settlement leaders are concerned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will postpone West Bank construction permits.
Settlement leaders with ultimatum to Netanyahu Photo credit: Moshe Milner/ GPO/ Channel 2 News

Next Tuesday, the Israeli Supreme Planning Council is supposed to convene and approve construction in the West Bank, some of which was delayed for many years. Although the council’s agenda was supposed to be published today, that did not happen.

Now, the settlement leaders are afraid of another postponement or that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will choose to publish the new construction plans shortly before the start of the holiday in order to reduce criticism from the right-wing.

Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

According to information attained by the settlement leaders, a long list of important topics isn’t expected to come up during the meeting, including the substantial increase of housing units in the West Bank. The topic of roads that bypass Palestinian villages is also expected to be left out, despite previous agreements with Netanyahu for the necessary budget.

Chairman of the Shomron Regional Council Yossi Dagan told Netanyahu that if the plans aren’t brought for approval, he will reestablish the protest in front of the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem. In 2015, the protest led to construction permits in Itamar, Shvut Rachel, Sansana and other places in the West Bank      .

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