3,000 housing units to be approved in West Bank

Approximately 3,000 housing units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank are expected to be approved in several weeks.
Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 news

A substantial amount of housing units is expected to be approved for construction in the West Bank in several weeks, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will return from the UN General Assembly.

The committee will discuss several building plans including: 700 housing units in Ariel, 260 housing units in the Tzofim settlement, 86 housing units in the Migron settlement, 192 housing units in the Negohot settlement and more. Officials are saying there are approximately 3,000 new housing units awaiting the committee’s approval.

It is important to note that not all the housing units are completely new. Some have already been approved in the past and are now in more advanced stages. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is promoting a new policy aimed to reduce approval procedures in order to decrease opposition to such moves.

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