Israeli who shot, killed Palestinian rioter: “I’m thankful to God for this great miracle”

The Israeli who shot and killed a Palestinian rioter who damaged his car with stones recalled the incident. The Israeli said that when he was confronted by 200 rioters, he feared for his life. “They almost lynched me,” he said.

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The West Bank resident who shot and killed a Palestinian rioter near Nablus on Thursday recalled for the first time how he was able to escape the area and the violent crowd. He said that he feared for his life and that it was a miracle that he survived.

“I was coming back from Rami Levi [supermarket],” he recalled. “A violent protest began in the middle of Hawara. Luckily, thank God, I managed to get away from there.”

The Israeli who shot the Palestinian rioter Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“I saw death in [front of] my eyes,” he continued. “They almost lynched me. I was able to get out of there and return to my home safely. I’m thankful to God for this great miracle.”

The incident took place this afternoon when about 200 Palestinians threw stones at Israeli cars that were traveling in the area. IDF forces were rushed to the scene and used riot control measures to disperse the crowd.

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