Israel’s Construction Minister speaks out against video clip racist towards Oriental Jews

In an appeal to the Attorney General, Israel’s Construction Minister demanded to examine ways to disqualify the housing tenders for the Beemuna Real Estate Company after they published a racist video clip mocking Mizrahi (Oriental) Jews.
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Israeli Construction Minister Yoav Galant turned to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein demanding that the Beemuna Real Estate Company have their housing tenders cancelled on state land. The name of the company made headlines yesterday in Israel after they published an anti-Mizrahi (anti-Oriental Jewish) video clip.

“The use of distasteful racist advertisements is always obscene but I think that it is particularly reprehensible that they won a housing tender on state land,” Galant told Israel’s Attorney General. Galant wrote in his appeal that the group won a tender from the Israel Lands Authority used marketing techniques characterized by blatant discrimination and it included hurtful advertisements for the broader Israeli public.

“The group used racist motives,” Galant stressed.  “It seems that the motive of this group is to bring about the deliberate exclusion of broad population groups in a way that will keep them from purchasing an apartment in the area.”

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