Letter from Italian Prime Minister lists Jerusalem as Palestine

An official letter from the Italian Prime Minister was addressed to Italians who live in Jerusalem. However, the country listed in the addresses was Palestine, not Israel.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi recently sent letters to Italian citizens abroad in order to encourage them to vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum. However, Italian citizens living in Jerusalem were surprised when they saw that their addresses were listed in Palestine, not Israel.

Italians living in Jerusalem, even in West Jerusalem, received today (Monday) a letter from the Italian Consulate in the city regarding the referendum. In addition to this letter, there was also a letter from Renzi. Although these Italians live in Israel, their addresses were listed in Palestine.

“I also think that the Israel Postal Company made a mistake,” said David Nizah, an Italian who lives in Jerusalem. “It should have sent the letter back.”

Angela, another Italian who also lives in the city, is also angry: “We need to send these letters back to Renzi and tell him that the addresses aren’t correct.”

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