Jerusalem terrorist was convicted of incitement to violence, supposed to begin prison sentence today

The Palestinian terrorist who carried out a shooting attack in which two people were murdered this morning was a Silwan resident named Mosabach Abu Sabich. In 2015, he was indicted and convicted of 14 counts of inciting to violence and 8 counts of supporting a terrorist organization. Today, he was supposed to begin serving his prison sentence.
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Mosabach Abu Sabich, the terrorist who committed the shooting attack this morning (Sunday) at multiple scenes, was indicted just last year of several crimes related to violence and terrorism. The Silwan resident was supposed to begin his prison sentence this morning after he was convicted of the offenses.

In 2015, an indictment was filed against Abu Sabich for 14 counts of inciting to violence and 8 counts of supporting a terrorist organization. According to the indictment, he operated a Facebook account that had over 2,000 friends and followers who were exposed to the inciting content he uploaded. In addition, his Facebook account was public. Thus, all Facebook users could view his page.

Abu Sabich was indicted for using the Facebook account to call for the use of violence and terrorism against Israeli citizens and security forces as well as praising terrorist organizations and terrorists. In addition, it was discovered during the police investigation that led to the indictment that Abu Sabich uploaded inciting content during times of increased tensions such as the 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, the kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir and Operation Protective Edge.

Abu Sabich Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As reported today by JOL, Abu Sabich murdered two Israelis and injured 5 more in the shooting attack that took place this morning at three different scenes in Jerusalem.

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