Female judges involved in Jerusalem terrorist’s past case threatened; Security at courts increased

The Israeli Court Security increased its presence at Jerusalem courthouses after threats were made against 2 female judges who were involved in delaying the Jerusalem terrorist’s prison sentence. MK Yehuda Glick lashed at one of the judges on Facebook, "You preferred to believe the terrorists."

Palestinians celebrate last night near terrorist's home

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The Israeli Court Security decided today (Monday) to increase the level of security at the Jerusalem District and Magistrate's Courts after threats against 2 female judges were made on social media sites. The judges were involved in a series of decisions that delayed the imprisonment of yesterday's terrorist.

The judges decided to delay the terrorist's imprisonment and postpone his arrest after he violated a restraining order to keep him out of Jerusalem. Last night, many hate posts against the judges were posted on Facebook.

One of the posts read, "We won't forget and won't forgive." More posts criticized the decision and ridiculed the judiciary system while claiming that the judges treated the terrorists as if they were white-collar criminals.

MK Yehuda Glick also attacked the judges, claiming that they "preferred the terrorists" in one of the court hearings when a restraining order banning Glick from ascending the Temple Mount was issued. "Yom Kippur is soon but I won't forgive you," he wrote.

Glick finished the post by writing: "As a result of your decision to delay the terrorist's imprisonment by 4 months, he murdered 2 innocent Jews and wounded many others. On Yom Kippur, will you be able to wash your hands in front of God for what you did?"

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