Kahlon promises full compensation for arson attack victims

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon toured the settlement of Nataf, which was badly damaged in a massive fire over the weekend. Kahlon promised that those who fell victim to arson attacks will receive full compensation from the state. “We are prepared for emergencies and this was a state of emergency,” said Kahlon.
Kahlon with Nataf residents Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon visited Nataf today (Monday) after a massive fire over the weekend damaged the homes and businesses in the settlement. “We will assist the citizens,” promised Kahlon. “We will not leave anyone without a solution.” The residents of the settlement were only allowed to return to their homes on Saturday morning.

“I’ve instructed the Finance Ministry under my authority to assist everyone whose home was damaged,” stated Kahlon. The Israeli minister also praised the civilians who helped the victims of the wave of fires: “This warms the heart.”  

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“The state will provide full compensation to people who will be defined as victims of hostilities under the existing regulations and protocols,” added Kahlon. “We are prepared for emergencies and this was a state of emergency. In regards to the places where it’s a different type of insurance, civil [home] insurance, we will be there and not allow the insurance companies to abandon the civilians.”

Nataf during the wave of fires Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“Every business in Israel will receive the same service that Rama’s Kitchen received,” continued Kahlon while referring to Rama Ben Zvi's popular restaurant that was destroyed in the fire. In addition to the restaurant she ran for 21 years, Ben Zvi also lost her home in the fire.

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