Terror attack foiled near Kohav Ya'akov, police find 2 knives in suspect's bag

A Palestinian was spotted loitering near the entrance to the West Bank settlement of Kokhav Ya'akov. Police searched him and found two knives and a Quran in his bag.

Watch: The suspect is captured and searched

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A Palestinian was detained on Thursday after being spotted loitering near the entrance to Kokhav Ya'akov, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Police forces found two knives in his bag.

A preliminary questioning of the suspect found that he had intended to hand the bag with the knives over to another person, who was supposed to use them for a terror attack. In his bag also a Quran.

A video of the arrest shows the moments after the suspect was approached by the police.

The knives and Quran found in the suspect's bag Photo credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Gal Muati, a firefighter who chased the suspect, said he spotted him while on his way back from work. "I closed in on him with my car and got out. I started asking him what he was doing there but he didn't look at me," Muati recounted. "Then he started shouting, 'Palestine! Palestine!' and ran off. I caught up with him after 150 meters."

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