Letter from suicidal Jewish youth who tried to stab soldier: “I cannot anymore”

The friend of the 19-year-old Jewish youth from Pisgat Ze’ev, who was shot to death at the Hizma Checkpoint after trying to stab a soldier, gave police investigators a letter, which led to their conclusion that he wanted to commit suicide: “This is my last letter.”
Photo Credit: Police Spokesman/Channel 2 News

As JOL reported earlier today, a 19-year-old Jewish youth was shot today at the Hizma Checkpoint after trying to stab a female soldier. A little afterwards, it became clear that the young man left behind a farewell letter, where he said goodbye to those around him. The police are increasingly convinced that he did what he did due to suicidal intentions.

“This is my last letter,” the young man wrote in a letter that he left at his friend's home. He also apologized to his mother and noted that his personal life had deteriorated recently. Among other things, he wrote that it came down to drug use. “I cannot anymore,” he proclaimed and then went to the checkpoint.

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