LGBT groups in Jerusalem claim promised funds from Finance Ministry never arrived

Despite the Israeli Finance Ministry’s promise to provide the LGBT groups with funds through the state, the Jerusalem LGBT groups have not received the money. In three weeks, the Jerusalem pride parade is slated to take place.
Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Three weeks before the gay pride parade in Jerusalem and no one knows what happened to the funds that were promised to the city’s community. About a year ago, Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon met with representatives from Israel’s LGBT community and promised that they would receive a budget from the state for the parades. Kahlon promised that 10 million NIS would be transferred through his ministry’s budget division to the LGBT groups throughout the country.

While most of the cities have received the money, Jerusalem has not. Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance representatives told Channel 2 News that their questions about the matter were met with evasive answers. Finance Ministry officials told the Israeli news network that the money was successfully transferred to the City of Jerusalem and that the problem appears to be within the municipality. However, Jerusalem Municipality officials said that they never received funds from the ministry for this purpose.

“Someone is lying, this is clear,” said a Jerusalem LGBT community member. “How can they expect us to decide who is telling the truth? We only know that we were promised money.”

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