Israelis looking forward to a brief break from high temperatures

Light rainfall is expected today in Northern Israel as temperatures throughout the country will be dropping. Tomorrow will bring even more light showers to Northern and Central Israel.
Archives Photo Credit: Shai Kobo Avi'im/Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), a drop in temperatures will be observed and the hot and dry weather will become relatively nice and pleasant for the season. The change in temperatures and the party cloudy skies will give off the impression that autumn is approaching even though the temperatures are expected to increase again by the start of next week.

Throughout the day, light rainfall is expected in Northern Israel and the skies will be partly cloudy throughout Israel.

Today’s forecasted temperatures: 31 degrees C in Katzrin, 28 degrees C in Haifa, 29 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 27 degrees C in Jerusalem, 37 degrees C at the Dead Sea, 29 degrees C in Ashkelon, 33 degrees C in Beersheba and 38 degrees C in Eilat.

An even greater change in weather will be felt tomorrow as the temperatures will continue to drop and rain is expected in Northern and Central Israel.

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