Haifa being evacuated. Homes up in flames

The flames that broke out in several locations within Haifa are still spreading and have even reached residential homes. About 100 firefighting teams with the help of firefighting planes are attempting to contain the flames. 104 were slightly injured from smoke inhalation, 1 in moderate condition. 12 neighborhoods were ordered to evacuate, as well as Damon jail and Military Prison 6. Israel readies to arrival of American Supertanker.
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About 300 firefighters are still battling the flames that broke out this morning (Thursday) alongside firefighting planes. As of now there are dozens of fire locations throughout the city, and police has evacuated 12 neighborhoods, fearing the spreading flames. In a press release, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Any fire due to arson or incitement to arson is an act of terrorism. We will bring justice to those responsible." Within 24 hours the American firefighting plane, the Supertanker is expected to land in Israel.

Due to the fact that the fire broke out in several locations almost simultaneously, the suspicions arise that they were purposely ignited, and two suspects were arrested.

The Supertanker Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Prison Service has started to evacuate the 600 prisoners and 150 staff members from the prisons Damon and Carmel, located on the Carmel Mountain. Also Military Prison 6 is being evacuated.

Because of a fire approaching the railway in Caesarea, Israel Railways announced they will halt all train movement from Binyamina to Hadera, which might make it difficult for the people of Haifa to evacuate.

Gilad Erdan, the Minister of Public Security ordered to direct all firefighting planes that operate in Israel to Haifa in an effort to bring the fire under control. Also 300 firefighters of home front command were called forth on emergency notice.

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