Israel Police prevent illegally wedding involving 14-year-old girl in Lod

After receiving a tip, police in Lod were able to prevent a wedding involving a 14-year-old bride from taking place this week. The groom and the rabbi, who is also the father of the young bride, were arrested shortly before the wedding ceremony was set to begin.
Women at the wedding Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

On Monday evening, a wedding involving members of the Breslov Hasidic sect was set to take place at a party venue in Lod. The guests had already arrived, the tables were set and the music was already playing but the Israel Police prevented the wedding from taking place at the last moment when it was discovered that the bride is only 14 years old.

A Channel 2 News investigative reporter was at the venue documenting the event. The rabbi of the Breslov Hasidic community, who is also the father of the bride, was supposed to carry out the marriage ceremony. The groom is in his 20s. The Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services received a tip about the planned child marriage, which is a criminal offense in Israel, and handed the information over to the Israel Police. The father of the bride and groom were taken in for questioning moments before the ceremony was slated to begin.  

The two were eventually released to house arrest under certain conditions. However, a senior welfare official from the Lod municipality told Channel 2 News that the authorities have no effective way to monitor these cases and make sure that the religious wedding ceremony will not secretly take place in the near future.

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