Lufthansa plane with faulty engine completes emergency landing at Ben-Gurion Airport

After an emergency situation was declared at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport, a Lufthansa plane carrying 160 passengers made a successful emergency landing. Shortly after the plane took off, one of the engines stopped working.

Watch: The plane returning to Ben-Gurion Airport

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A state of emergency was declared at Ben-Gurion Airport Thursday morning after a Lufthansa plane had no choice but to return to the airport shortly after it took off and make an emergency landing due to a problem with one of its engines. Magen David Adom teams were rushed to the scene. Eventually, the plane carrying 160 passengers successfully landed.

At around 8:30 AM, the state of emergency was declared after one of the Frankfurt-bound aircraft’s engines suddenly turned off immediately after the take-off. Once the problem was discovered, the plane traveled in a circle over the ocean near Israel’s coast in order to waste fuel until the emergency teams reached the airport and prepared for the landing.

The planes after the landing Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

One of the passengers was MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List). “It was really dramatic,” he told Channel 2 News shortly after the landing. “Half an hour after the departure, we heard a strange and worrying noise from the right side of the plane. I travel a lot and this was the first time I’ve heard such a sound.”

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