Poll: Majority of Arab-Israelis believe Joint Arab List MKs should have participated in Peres’ funeral

On Friday, thousands of people, including dozens of senior level foreign officials, attended Shimon Peres’ funeral. However, the Joint Arab List MKs decided to boycott the ceremony, sparking controversy throughout the country. According to the results of a new poll, the majority of Arab-Israelis were upset with the MKs’ decision and believe that they should have attended the funeral.
Joint Arab List leader Ayman Odeh Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Three days after the funeral of Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres, the results of a new poll indicate that most Israeli-Arabs were upset when the members of the Joint Arab List decided to boycott the important ceremony that dozens of senior level foreign officials attended.

The poll in which almost 3,000 Arab-Israelis participated was conducted by the Arab website Panet. The respondents were asked whether they believe that the Joint Arab List members should have attended in the funeral. According to the results, the majority of Arab-Israelis believe that they should have attended the funeral. 59% of the respondents said that they were upset with the Joint Arab List MKs’ decision to boycott the funeral while 41% said that they support it.

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