Majority of Israelis oppose expanding settlement construction

The January 2017 edition of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Tel Aviv University’s Peace Index focused on what Israelis think about highly debated topics such as US President Donald Trump’s opinion regarding Israeli settlements and the expansion of Israeli construction in the West Bank.
Archive Photo Credit: Moshe Milner, GPO/Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), the Israel Democracy Institute and the Tel Aviv University published the January 2017 edition of its monthly Peace Index survey. This edition focused on what the Israeli public thinks about a few highly debated topics including the Trump administration’s stance regarding Israeli settlements, Israel’s expansion of West Bank construction and the police investigations involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the survey, half of the Jewish respondents believe that it is unwise to take advantage of Trump’s support for Israel and expand settlement construction in the West Bank. When examining the political map within the coalition in regard to this topic, the survey found that 83% of United Torah Judaism voters support the expansion of the settlement enterprise. However, the majority of Kulanu voters (58%) are opposed to additional West Bank construction.

53% of the Jewish respondents think that the new US administration should not be exploited to take over large parts of West Bank territories. If Israel takes over territories in the West Bank, only 31% of the Jewish respondents think that the Palestinians there “should not be given any status beyond what they have now.”

When asked about the Netanyahu-Mozes Affair, 52% said that they believe that Netanyahu should resign if an indictment is filed against him. 55% of Israelis believe that the Israel Police investigators tasked with looking into the affairs involving Netanyahu are acting professionally and objectively while 30% disagree.

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