Poll: 60% of Israelis support same-sex adoptions

60% of Israelis believe that there is no connection between the sexual orientation of two spouses and their ability to love an adopted child, according to a new poll conducted by the Israeli Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry. The poll also revealed that only about a third of Israelis oppose the idea of same-sex couples being able to adopt children.
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While the state continues to oppose adoptions by same-sex couples, a new poll indicates that the majority of Israelis (74%) believe that the main consideration for allowing a couple to adopt a child needs to be what is best for the child, not the sexual orientation of the potential parents. 60% of the respondents said that they believe that the adoption law needs to be altered in order to enable LGBT couples to adopt. The results of the poll, which was conducted by the Israeli Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry and included more than 800 participants, were released on Thursday morning.

63% of the respondents said that there is no connection between the type of family and its ability to give a child love, safety, a good home and a good education. Only 33% said that straight couples are able to provide children with a better life.

Only about 100 children in Israel are adopted a year. On average, the process of adoption in Israel takes over seven years. Last month, the topic of same-sex adoptions made headlines after it was discovered that the government plans to oppose changing the current law, which states that “adoption is possible only by a man and his wife.”

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