Girlfriend threaten to become stripper to encourage boyfriend to rob banks

The text messages exchanged by a Rishon LeZion couple revealed that the 17-year-old girlfriend was the mastermind behind their robbery spree. The girlfriend threatened that she would work at an adult entertainment club if her boyfriend backs out of their plan to rob banks.
The couple Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Last week, prosecutors filed a severe indictment against 26-year-old Bar Ben-Sudon and 17-year-old Yuval Mutzpi, a couple living in Rishon LeZion. According to the indictment, they robbed 11 banks, getting away with about half a million NIS until they were arrested in Holon.

Immediately after their arrest, police investigators searched the couple's apartment for evidence in an attempt to figure out how they successfully robbed several banks. The investigators were surprised to discover that Mutzpi was the mastermind behind the robbery spree. The text messages between her and Ben-Sudon show that she is the one who encouraged him to steal the cash.  

About a week before the first robbery, when Mutzpi saw that her boyfriend was having second thoughts about their plan, she wrote to him: "About a year ago, [the owner] offered me to work at Pussycat [an adult entertainment club]. Every day I can make up to 3,000 NIS." Ben-Sudon replied: "Yuval, you're disconnected from reality." However, Mutzpi told her boyfriend that she was serious and that she has already prepared mentally herself for working at the club.

"I won't let you sell your body, not for me and not for anyone else," Ben-Sudon replied when he realized that his girlfriend was not joking. "I've been hearing this mantra for months," Mutzpi replied. "Nothing has changed."

"I can make 12,000 NIS at Pussycat a week," Mutzpi wrote to her boyfriend after he thought about backing out of their plan to rob banks again. When Ben-Sudon told his girlfriend that he does not want her working as a stripper, she replied: "There's a significant difference between dancing on a pole and on a man."

"Yuval, that work is humiliating, you will hate yourself," Ben-Sudon wrote. "Prove to me that you are ready to sacrifice just like me," she replied. "I'm ready to sacrifice for you. I'm not ready to sacrifice you," he answered.

In the interrogation rooms, the investigators asked the couple to explain the text messages. Ben-Sudon confessed to some of the robberies but Mutzpi has denied all involvement in the crimes. Meanwhile, both remain in police custody as a court has decided that they are a danger to the public.  

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