28-year-old man stabbed his 8-month pregnant wife, injuring both her and the fetus

Last Monday, a Jerusalem resident was injured moderately in the eighth month of her pregnancy after her husband stabbed her. The indictment filed against him today revealed that he threatened that she would never meet the baby in her womb.
A pregnant woman was stabbed numerous times by her husband in Jerusalem Photo credit: Gili Eliyahu Adler, TPS/ Channel 2 News

A 28-year-old man was arrested less than two weeks ago on suspicion that he stabbed his wife. According to the indictment filed against him today (Wednesday), on the day that he stabbed her, he threatened that "he would destroy her life the way that she destroyed his."

According to the indictment that was filed at Jerusalem's District Court, the couple has been together for over a year and, though they are married, they do not live together. The couple has three children together and the woman was eight months pregnant.

The scene of the crime Photo credit: Gili Eliyahu Adler, TPS/ Channel 2 News

On the day of the incident, the two had agreed to meet to discuss procedural matters. In the morning, they began to argue and the woman's husband told her that she had hurt and betrayed him and that she had ruined his life. According to the indictment, he threatened that she would not get to see her children the following day and that he would make sure she would not meet the baby growing in her womb. He also said that "he does not mind getting a life sentence."

Immediately after the Yom Hashoah siren rang last Monday, the defendant asked his wife how she wanted them to name their son and she told him that her eldest son would decide. He responded that he would decide on the baby's name and then attacked his wife from behind, stabbing her numerous times in the back with a pair of scissors and then in her stomach. He had reportedly stabbed her with such force that the blades of the scissors were bent out of shape.

The defendant immediately fled the scene and shortly thereafter turned himself into the police. As a result of the stabbing, a vertebra in the woman's back was broken. The blades also penetrated her uterine cavity and injured the fetus' left leg. The woman was evacuated to the hospital and underwent an emergency operation to remove the injured fetus.

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