Ritual bathhouse attendant claims rabbi fired her for being Ethiopian

Kiryat Motzkin’s rabbi sent a WhatsApp message to the women who were dipped in the mikveh by a certain attendant, writing that there was a Jewish legal problem with the dipping. This all occurred after the rabbi asked if the attendant had undergone conversion. The woman sent a letter to Israel’s Chief Rabbinate claiming that she had been fired for being Ethiopian.
Mikveh Photo Credit: Flash 90

An Ethiopian mikveh attendant from Kiryat Motzkin was surprised when the city’s rabbi asked her if she was Jewish and if she had undergone a proper conversion. After responding that she is a law-abiding Jew, the rabbi hung up the phone and warned women who had been dipped by her in the mikveh that there had been a Jewish legal issue with the dipping.

The 45-year-old mikveh attendant sent a letter to the Israeli Religious Affairs Ministry and the Chief Rabbinate explaining that the rabbi had asked her how she was allowed to work as a mikveh attendant as she had not received his approval.

Following their conversation, the attendant wrote that the rabbi had sent a WhatsApp message to the women who dip in the mikveh, in which he wrote: “Women who dipped in the mikveh with the Ethiopian attendant, please call the rabbi immediately because there is a Jewish legal issue with the competency.”

The Israeli Religious Affairs Ministry stated that the matter is being investigated.

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