Miracle in Kindergarten: Children in Bomb Shelter as Shrapnel Hit Playground

As rockets were fired to the area of Hashfela and Central Israel this morning were intercepted by the Iron Dome, rocket fragments scattered to different areas of Central Israel. One of the rocket fragments fell in a kindergarten in Rishon LeTzion, while the children were in the bomb shelter. The mayor visited the kindergarten and praised the children’s behavior.
Rocket fragment in Rishon LeTzion kindergarten Photo Credit: Rishon LeTzion Spokesperson

A disaster was prevented this morning in a kindergarten in Rishon LeTzion.  A rocket was intercepted this morning while being fired at Hashfela and Central Israel by the Iron Dome.  However, fragments of the rocket fell in different areas within Central Israel.

One of the rockets fell near the Garden of Stars kindergarten in the city. While the rocket fragment fell in the kindergarten, all of the children were safely in the bomb shelter. The shrapnel fell in the playground where the children usually play. They were evacuated a short while later by security forces that arrived at the scene. None of the children were hurt in the incident.

Klara Nachmadi, the director of the kindergarten, told Israel’s Channel 2 News about what happened: “Shrapnel fell and security forces evacuated us. The children are fine. I hugged them and supported them. This is like a game of Russian roulette. It is impossible to know where it will fall. We do drills throughout the year. The children entered the bomb shelter and are trained.”

Rishon LeTzion Mayor Dov Tzur came to the kindergarten after the shrapnel fell and praised the behavior of both the children and the kindergarten staff: “I don’t want to think what will happen if shrapnel fell in the yard while a child was there. When I arrived, the children were smiling. Their parents were obviously a little scared, but calmed down immediately.”


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