Under plea deal, MK Ghattas to quit Knesset and serve 2-year jail term

MK Ghattas is accused of using his diplomatic immunity in order to smuggle phones to Palestinian terror inmates.
Photo credit: Yair Sagi/Channel 2 News

MK Basel Ghattas of the Israeli-Arab Joint List party, who is accused of smuggling phones to terror convicts in an Israeli prison, has signed a plea bargain with the State Attorney's Office, whereby he will quit the Knesset and serve two years in prison.

The signing of the deal comes two days after Israel's Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri gave MK Ghattas until Thursday to accept or reject it. "If they don't accept the agreement, the indictment draft will remain in place," Nizri said on Tuesday during a Knesset meeting.

"The agreement will include a lengthy prison sentence," he added. "And we will also ask the court to determine that his actions bear moral turpitude."

The indictment against MK Ghattas states that he used his diplomatic immunity, which frees him from the need to be frisked by police, in order to provide phones to two terrorists, one of them serving a 31-year sentence for murdering an IDF soldier.

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