National heat wave continues in Israel: Over 360 people treated

Since the nationwide heat wave began yesterday, 161 people fainted, 178 people suffered from weakness and dizziness and 28 people were treated for dehydration. Electricity consumption is breaking all-time highs.
Photo Credit: Gideon Markovitch/Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Magen David Adom (MDA) reported that since yesterday morning (Sunday), 367 people were in need of treatment as a result of the nationwide heat wave, 100 more than during the same dates last year.  

Across the country, MDA crews treated 28 cases of dehydration, 161 cases of people fainting and 178 cases of weakness and dizziness. The medical service company reminds the public to check the back seats for the children’s safety and to make sure no child is forgotten in the vehicles.

“MDA continues to maintain increased preparedness due to the heavy heat wave,” stated MDA Director General Eli Bin. “In order to avoid injuries, we ask the general public to listen to MDA recommendations, to pay attention to the more vulnerable population- the elderly, the children and the babies, to drink more and to be in shady and air-conditioned spaces as much as possible.”

The Israeli Electric Company announced that after yesterday, the maximum demand for electricity has surpassed that of last summer.

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