Netanyahu advanced diplomatic ties with different countries, mocks former PM

In a video he uploaded to his Facebook page today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted about Israel’s diplomatic achievements and responded to those who claim that the country is isolated.
Zaev (left), Netanyahu (right) Photo credit: Flash 90

Today (Monday), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held several diplomatic meetings with the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister and then with Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Shortly thereafter, he posted a video on Facebook in which he boasted about his political achievements.

“You won’t hear this much, or at all,” Netanyahu criticized the media. “But this is your chance to learn that Israel is a country that is courted. We are admired and appreciated…They want to be close to us. It’s happening from country to country and from continent to continent.”

Netanyahu with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Photo credit: Haim Zach/ Flash 90

Netanyahu then responded and mocked one of his main critics former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who claimed that Israel is suffering from diplomatic isolation: “Where is the isolation? Where is the tsunami?”

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